M.A. English

Course Overview

MA English or Master of Arts in English is considered as one of the most demanded courses in terms of career and personal growth. A Masters in English Literature is a great opportunity to specialise and go more in depth into studying English Literature. It is two year full time post-graduate degree course which is divided into 4 semesters. For those who wanting to study the language in depth, rather than the works written in it, take a look at the fields in career opportunities below.


M.A. English


2 Years




B.A. /B.Sc. with English as one of the compulsory subject in all the three years with 50% marks.

Career Opportunities

  • Editor or Assistant Editor: A popular choice among English Literature Post Graduates.
  • Web Content Writer: A fast-growing career option to write catchy and informative articles for webpages and blogs.
  • Academic Writer: An academic writer basically has to write research papers, journal writings, Statement of purposes etc.
  • Teaching: Post Graduates in English Literature can be hired as PGT. An additional degree in B.Ed. helps secure a good position
  • Translator: A translator’s job is to translate a given document in English. A diploma degree in translation is advised.
  • SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization has emerged as a fast-growing field of work and is perfect for people with excellent English language skills.
  • Quality Control Executive: Nowadays BPOs and KPOs look for individuals with a good grasp of the English language for the position of Quality Control Executive.
  • Theatre Actor: A lot of English Graduates choose to turn towards theatre to channel their creative side. Studying plays and how theatre works give an edge to MA English graduates.
  • Some other options are: Print media & media houses; News websites; Advertising agencies; Publishing houses; Product management firms; Writing (scripts and articles); Freelance writing (anything you wish to write and can find a way to make money out of it); Ghost writing; content writing and creation; Editor or sub editor (this requires minimum one year experience of editing work). So far if you do not wish to opt for Ph.D. or any other competitive exam you can explore jobs in the above mentioned fields.
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