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Student Outreach Programme [Distinguished Lecture on ‘Spin Based Logic and Memory Devices’ by Dr. Rohit Medwal, from Nanyang Technological University Singapore]

On September 18, 2021; Department of Physics, Eternal University Baru Sahib started a "Distinguished Lecture Series" through virtual mode. The main motive of this lecture series is to trigger off the post graduate students for advanced research. A lecture was delivered by the distinguished speaker Dr. Rohit Medwal, from Nanyang Technological University Singapore on "Spin Based Logic and Memory Devices". Most of the faculty members including Dean Akal College of Basic Sciences, Dr. Sandipan Gupta; faculty members of Department of physics, Dr. Poonam Kumari, Dr. Madan Lal, students from Eternal University and other institutions were present during the event.

Dr. Medwal explained the fundamental concepts behind the “Spintronics”- a new emerging branch of Physics that how one can use electron spin-based electronics in day-to-day life. To add, Dr. Negi didn’t forget to raise the important aspect of solar energy harvesting, if it can be connected to spintronics.

He mentioned that the department of Physics, Eternal University Baru Sahib has been actively working on the different schemes to further improve the efficiency of the solar devices. His concern of integrating the current electronic devices with the concept of spintronics would enable new horizon in the field of research.

Dr. Medwal not only clarified the primary issues related to current devices but also enlightened the proposed possible solutions that can delay the unwanted recombination time of electron and holes in spintronics based solar devices. After successful completion of the event, Dr. Negi concluded the talk by thanking the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Davender Singh; Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. A.S. Ahluwalia; Dean PGS Dr. B.S. Sohal and Registrar Dr. S.K. Chauhan for their time to time motivational support for organizing such a fruitful event.