Building Employability Competency through English Language Learning

Special Sessions

Building Employability Competency through English Language Learning

The Kalgidhar Trust organized Special Sessions on Building Employability Competency through English Language Learning on October 8, 2021 for Akal College of Education, Eternal University from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM in Bhai Gurdas Hall and auditorium of Eternal University.

Dr. Vandana Lunyal, Director, Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh presented the topic, “Teaching Skills in English”. She talked about the lesson planning, language elements and shared useful strategies in language learning. She emphasized on model reading and appropriate usage of bilingual and multilingual approach in classroom teaching. She advised that a lesson plan should include objectives, clear instructions and a variety of sources and activities should be used in order to eradicate monotony from the classrooms. Further, Time Management, Sense of Discovery, Language Elements and Skills (receptive and productive) were discussed. She stressed on extensive reading, exchange of communication, and ways of making classroom environment interactive. She addressed that language teaching should not be teaching of facts, it should only concentrate on developing linguistic skills.


Dr. Jyoti Singh, Associate Professor, Himachal Pradesh University, talked on the topic,” Using Stories for Teaching Language Skills”. She talked about the role of stories in attaining linguistic skills. She spoke about the magic created by the stories in which doors of new worlds open and imagination starts to spread its wings. She said that stories have universal appeal, help to motivate and maximize learning and is appropriate tool for teaching language in interesting way. She also discussed different techniques of storytelling. She concluded with these words that, “A good teacher is who tells the students the way of learning, not what to learn.”