"Market Ka Eklavya” an Investor Awareness Programme


“Market Ka Eklavya” an Investor Awareness Programme

The Akal College of Economics, Commerce and Management celebrated World Investors Week by organized a workshop on “Market Ka Eklavya” an Investor’s Awareness Programme on 14 October, 2023 in collaboration with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), Michigan Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs and knowledge partner Poornatha on zoom online platform from 10:00 am onwards. The resource person of the workshop was Mr. Rajendra Aswani from NSDL. The workshop was attended by 55+ participants including faculties and students. Mr. Aswani started his session by emphasizing 3 I’s i.e., Income, Inflation and Investment categorizing income as active and passive. He then made it clear the concepts of three principles of investing i.e., power of compounding, diversification of investment and long-term investment plans. He also discussed about the primary and secondary market, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). For making the session more interactive, he used annotate with the participants to know their answers. He emphasized the four important parameters before choosing an investment i.e., risk, liquidity and tax. All the topics were covered by Mr. Aswani in a very simple and layman language by citing practical life examples. After that, the workshop was progressed for question –answer session. Mr. Pawan Dubey, Management faculty asked a question which was answered by Mr. Aswani very nicely. At last, Mr. Ambar Srivastava, coordinator of the workshop expressed thanks to the resource person for an interactive and wonderful session. He also expressed thanks to the Dean of the college for giving him an opportunity to conduct such a kind of workshop and lastly made thanks to all the participants.