Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Deep Dive Into Ethical Hacking

A Skill Boost Session On Ethical Hacking By Miss Kalyani Choudhary

Deep Dive into Ethical Hacking at Eternal University, Barusahib!
As part of Industry Connect, Akal College of Engineering and Technology & Coding club, @Techshilla, Baru Sahib organized a skillboost session, where Ms. Kalyani Choudhary took our BTech CSE students on a thrilling journey into the world of Ethical Hacking!

The session wasn't just theory - Ms Kalyani gave a live demo using tools like dig, nmap, wireshark, and metasploit, showcasing a real hacking scenario. Over 35+ students participated in this 1.5-hour interactive session and walked away with valuable knowledge bytes.

This session sparked even more excitement – the coding club is planning to create an ethical hacking lab under Ms Kalyani's mentorship!
A huge thank you to Kalyani Chowdhury for this fantastic introductory session, especially for our girl students!