The Depths of Horticultural Excellence

Exploring the depths of horticultural excellence

Horticulture Mastery, Akal College Of Agriculture

At Dr. Khem Singh Gill Akal College of Agriculture, Eternal University, Baru Sahib, students of B.Sc. Hons. (Agriculture) final year in the Horticulture module, under the guidance of Dr. Anand Singh Rawat and Amit Saurabh, are learning various interculture operations. They are currently mastering the art of harvesting marigold crops and packing them into cartons at the naturally ventilated polyhouse, hashtagResearch Farm Chhapang.

This on field activity aims to equip students with practical hashtagskills in horticulture, focusing on interculture operations for marigold cultivation. By engaging in harvesting and packaging, students gain insights into crop management and post-harvest procedures.

This learning approach stands out from traditional classroom instruction by offering students real-world hashtagexposure to agricultural practices. Through active participation, students develop crucial practical skills essential for their future agricultural careers.