Free Medical & Surgical Camp

Free Medical & Surgical Camp

Free Medical & Surgical Camp

Successful Commencement of Free Medical & Surgical Camp
With the blessings of Saints and the Honorable Baba Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, we successfully commenced our 106th Free Medical & Surgical Camp on 23rd March 2024.

➡️Highlights of Day 1:

✔️Total Patients Registered: 492
✔️Breakdown by Specialties:
✔️Medicine: 143
✔️Eye: 167
✔️ENT: 66
✔️Gyne: 35
✔️Dental: 56
✔️Ortho: 94
✔️Total OPD Attendees: 561
✔️Surgeries Conducted: 21
✔️Major Procedures: 9 (Cholecystectomy, Hernioplasty, Fistulectomy, ✔️Haemorrhoidectomy, Ovarian Cyst Excision)
✔️Minor Procedures: 12 (Excision biopsy, Cyst removal, Nerve blocks, Intra Articular injections)

➡️Dedicated Team of Doctors:

✔️Dr. Gautam Sikand (ENT Specialist)
✔️Dr. Satwinder (General Physician)
✔️Dr. GP Singh (Orthopedician)
✔️Dr. Sulakhan Singh (General Physician)
✔️Dr. Mukesh (Anaesthetist)
✔️Dr. Sukhwinder (Anaesthetist)
✔️Dr. Ahuja (Anaesthetist)
✔️Dr. Ravi (General Surgeon)
✔️Dr. Surinder Jagat (General Surgeon)
✔️Dr. Subhash Khanna (Dental Surgeon)
✔️Dr. Amanjot (Ophthalmologist)
✔️Dr. Surinder (Ophthalmologist)

➡️Supporting Teams:

✔️Team of OT Technicians :
✔️Staff Nurses
✔️Para Medical Workers
✔️Supportive Staffs

Special Mention to Team of Akal College of Nursing : In the spirit of unwavering dedication, the faculty, undergraduate, and postgraduate students of Akal College of Nursing stood as pillars of support, ensuring the success of our Free Medical & Surgical Camp around the clock.

Patients received not only medical and surgical care but also free medicines, accommodation, and food. Together, we're making a significant difference in the lives of those in need.
Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming days. Let's continue spreading health and happiness!