2nd Farmer's Training

NABARD sponsored 5 days On-Campus Training Program

2nd Farmer's Training

5-days training program was organised at the premises of Eternal University under the   NABARD sponsored project entitled “Integrated Farming System with Allied Sectors for Socio-economic Upliftment of Rural Farmer Families of Himachal Pradesh”. In this program demonstration was given to the farmers on Integrated Farming Model (IFS) at University farm. IFS represent an appropriate combination of farm enterprises. The waste material of one enterprise is used as input for the productive functioning of other enterprise. This is an effective strategy in raising incomes, generating employment and alleviating poverty among small and marginal farmers. The training was given on enterprises as dairy farming, vermicomposting, silage making, horticultural/agricultural farming, food processing and water harvesting. It will impart awareness and new learnings to the local farmers of this area. These trainings were for 05 days with 40 participants and also including one day exposure visit to UHF, Nauni.

The day 1 encompassed the inaugural session and was held on 4th October, 2021. The programme began with registration of the farmers. Dr Neelam Thakur, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology gave the welcome address with a brief introduction to the project and IFS model. The advantage of the IFS model was discussed in the opening session with emphasis on the 6 enterprises- dairy farming, vermicomposting, silage making, horticultural/agricultural farming, food processing and water harvesting. A detailed plan of the lectures and practical training to be conducted in the upcoming days was also discussed.

Day 2- The first lecture was delivered by Dr. Krishan Kumar (Associate Professor, Food Technology) on Dairy farming. It was an introductory lecture to dairy farming which included the subsidiaries given by government, different breeds of cow, varied milking techniques and equipment, diseases in the animals and their management. After the lecture various questions were put on by the farmers regarding the breeds of cow and milking problems. The second lecture was given by Dr. Priyanka Thakur (Assistant Professor, Entomology) on the different crops (Horticultural/Agricultural) which can be grown near the IFS model and their pest management. After the lunch there was field visit to the established IFS models in the University. The first model was dairy farming –Akal Modern Dairy. In this the different breeds of cows were shown to the farmers and the milking technique through the vacuum pump was shown. The farmers were given practical trainings for milking techniques. The next model was Silage unit- in this the process of making silage and use of chafer cutter was demonstrated by Dr. Neelam Thakur  and Dr. Mahesh Tripathi and the already prepared silage using oats was shown to the farmers. The last model for the day was Vermicomposting unit- in which the established vermicompost unit was shown. The process of making vermicompost was practically shown to the farmers by the experts and their queries were answered by Dr. Neelam Thakur.

Day 3- On this day first session included lecture on food processing and practical hands on training in food processing unit of the University. The farmers were taught to make tomato puree, apple jam, puff corns, cake, noodles and pasta by the experts from Department of Food Technology. The farmers had thoroughly enjoyed the process and had asked several questions related to food processing and packaging. 

Day 4- There was an exposure visit to Dr. Y. S. Parmar University, Nauni. The 40 participant were accompanied by Dr. Neelam Thakur and Dr. Mahesh Tripathi. At the Nauni University different Departments of Horticulture and Floriculture were shown to the farmers. Dr. Rashmi Negi Extension Officer at UHF Nauni received the farmers at 10:30 am, after that farmer visited Vegetable Science (fields) near the University Gate. Dr. Kuldeep Thakur, Professor Vegetable Science, acquainted the farmers about the importance of crop rotation and how to grow the tomato nursery in healthy beds. Dr. Rashmi Negi made the farmers familiar with different varieties of field, indoor and outdoor flowers. Dr. Bharti Kashyap, Associate Professor, Floriculture and Landscaping gave information on value-addition in dry flowers and how to link farmers to the market.  After lunch Dr. Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor, Forestry, manifested Herbal garden at UHF Nauni and imparted knowledge regarding locally available medicinal plant to the farmers. Dr. Gopal Singh, Professor, Fruit Science, demonstrated Kiwi fruit orchard to the farmers and also conveyed information related to spacing, pruning, training system and varieties of Kiwi. 

Day 5- The day began with the lectures on Rainwater Harvesting by Dr. Mahesh Tripathi. The last lecture was delivered by Dr. Neelam Thakur on the IFS model. After the lectures the valedictory functions begun. The chief guest for the function was Mr. Gaurav Sharma, District Development Manager (DDM) Sirmour, NABARD accompanied by Dr. Yash Paul Sharma Chief functionary officer of “Association of Rural Activities and Voluntary Action for Literary Information Aravali” (NGO). The dignitaries present on the stage were Hon’able Pro Vice Chancellor Prof A.S. Ahluwalia, Dr. Neelam Thakur, Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Krishan Kumar, Co-Principal Investigator of the project. The ceremony was commenced with the welcome of Chief Guest with memento by Hon Pro Vice Chancellor Prof A. S. Ahluwalia and he also thanked the farmers and gave the assurance of helping them with IFS models whenever needed. The recap and summary of the events was given by Dr. Neelam Thakur, PI of the project and encouraged the farmers to utilize the new developments of research in enhancing their means of livelihood. The chief guest in his address to the farmers talked about the importance of IFS model and about other schemes launched by NABARD for the upliftment of farmers. The feedback was also recorded from the farmers and in this regards they expressed their gratitude towards the University for their efforts made in the direction of upliftment of farmers. This programme was sponsored by National Agriculture Bank for Rural Development (NABARD) Shimla Himachal Pradesh. This programme was convened under the dynamic coordinatorship of Dr. Neelam Thakur Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, Eternal University Baru Sahib. Other Coordinators of this programme include Dr. Priyanka Thakur (Entomology), Dr. Mahesh Tripathi (Agricultural Engineering) and Dr. Krishan Kumar (Food Technology).