Technical skills and Online Learning Platforms


Technical skills and Online Learning Platforms

Three days departmental workshop on “Technical skills and Online Learning Platform” was organized for Bachelor students of BBA & B.Com streams by ACECM from 15th to 17th June, 2022. The workshop was organized by MBA final year students with faculty Mr. Amit Kumar, Assistant Professor (Management) under the guidance of Dr. S.K. Chauhan, Dean, ACECM.

Mr. Amit Kumar welcomed the Dean, faculty members and students and introduced about the utilities of workshop and appreciated the efforts of Masters Students for organizing such kind of workshop.

On day one i.e. on 15.06.22, Ms. Shubhi Aggarwal covered topics on ‘Basics of MS Word and Power Point’ to audience. She covered formatting of word document, proof reading features, and page layout, slides preparation and formatting, use of design and effects in Power Point to prepare an effective presentation through hands-on training.

On the second day (16.06.22), Ms. Tanisha Thakur covered various aspects of ‘MS Excel’. In her session, she taught different formulas, use of hyperlink, preparation of chart and graphs and the use of other functions in MS-excel.

On the third day of the workshop i.e., 17.06.22, Ms. Bhawana Sharma covered the topics ‘Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing and Online Learning Platform’. Speaker provided detailed knowledge regarding digital marketing career opportunities to the students and the different online learning platforms available to enhance knowledge and skills of the students. She also familarised the students about LinkedIn to students and guided them to create their LinkedIn profile and tricks to make it attractive.

Lastly, Ms. Shubhi Aggarwal concluded the workshop and presented vote of thanks. She thanked Dr. S.K Chauhan (Dean, ACECM), Mr. Amit Kumar (Faculty Co-ordinator), faculty Members, and the students for being part of the event.