Workshop on ‘Teacher as a Profession’


Workshop on ‘Teacher as a Profession’

Number of participants: 67

Educational Workshop was conducted on ‘Teacher as a Profession’ on 30th March, 2022 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm in University Auditorium by Ms Subha Srinivas, CEO and Founder AMOEBA EDUCATION and Founding Director of Purplestone Publication.

She talked about the traits and importance of 21st century teacher. She asked buddy teachers to use a technique of choice, voice and ownership. Further she emphasized on teacher pyramid and had given the task to trainees to fill up this pyramid by keeping the most usable activities by the teacher at the bottom and the least conducted activity at the top in order to introspect the real self of a teacher. She also explained about the happiness curriculum in detail. She further discussed the objective of Happiness Curriculum to improve the mental well-being of pupils, and it teaches mindfulnesssocial-emotional learningcritical thinkingproblem solving, and relationship building. Its purpose is to build emotional awareness, to support decision making with that emotional awareness, to equip pupils with the necessary skills and environment to become purpose-driven, and explore a nuanced idea of happiness.

She guided B.Ed. trainees to teach 21st century students by amalgamating practicals with theory. The theory should be taught through practical activities. The teacher should be a problem solver. She should welcome and love challenges in her teaching journey. The teacher should be a good analyser and develop the same in her learners also. The teacher is always a good learner and have the ability to acquire skills and technology as the need of the hour. She conducted many activities for developing skills of 21st century in buddy teachers. At the end she had given opportunity to all the trainees to express their thoughts about any topic of their choice.

The workshop was very interesting and lively. All the trainees were inspired by different activities being conducted by her. Her passion for empowering trainees and faculty of Akal College of Education with 21st century skills made her an avid resource person and motivational trainer.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by Dr Raino Bhatia, Principal, Akal College of Education, Eternal University, Baru Sahib.. She also thanked learned and knowledgeable Dr. Neelam Kaur, Dean, Health and Education Department for helping Akal College of Education in organizing such an enlightening and knowledgeable educational workshop.