Gifted Children

5th INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP CONDUCTED BY Akal College of Education in Collaboration with McGill University, Canada for Rural School Principals, Clusters Heads, Mega-Cluster Heads, HODs, Coo

5th International Educational Workshop on Gifted Children

Aiming to provide deeper understanding of gifted students, 5th International Educational Workshop on Gifted Children was organized by Akal College of Education in collaboration with Akal Academy Baru Sahib and McGill University, Canada at Baru Sahib from 26th September to 29th September 2019.

The workshop started with divine blessing and holy shabad recited by B.Ed.students. A brief introduction of the illustrious and highly qualified facilitators, Prof.Bruce M. Shore,Professor and Dr. Juss Kaur Magon, an adjunct Professor at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and impeccable speech was given by honourable director of The Kalgidhar Trust Dr. Davinder Singh Ji.

It was 4 Day workshop attended by 65 participants which included Principals, Clusters Heads, Mega-Cluster Heads, HODs, Coordinators and Teachers.

Aim of Workshop

To make teachers sensitive towards high abilities and high potential learners and train them to handle them

Sub Theme

  • High ability and High Potential Learners: Cognitive & Social Qualities
  • Identification of High Potential & High Ability Learners
  • Teaching Methods: Implication in the Classroom
  • Involving Parents & the Community 
  • Making Action Plans


Ways to Identify the Gifted Students


High ability students

  • Teachers’ classification of students work
  • Difference between cramming and actual learners,
  • Assessment and observation  Methods  of the Teacher
  • Dynamic Portfolios of Students


  • Continuing with ways of engagement with the Gifted child
  • Community support and involvement


On the day 4th day effervescent workshop came to an end .There was poster making activity in which informative and colourful posters were put up by the participants, showcasing the essence of the workshop.

Workshop ended on positive note with the presence of honourable Baba Iqbal Singh Ji. The participants were blessed with the pearls of wisdom delivered by him.  Certificates and token of honour was given out to principals for their outstanding hard work. The workshop has successfully impacted the Principals and teachers through which we can conclude that Gifted students in the schools can smoothly work in their fields along with supportive teachers.


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