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Celebrating The Success of 106th Free Medical & Surgical Camp

Celebrating the Success of 106th Free Medical & Surgical Camp
With the blessings of Saints and the esteemed Guidance of Honorable Baba Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, we're happy to announce the completion of our 106th Free Medical & Surgical Camp on 23 to 24 March, 2024.


✔️Total Patients Registered: 828
✔️Breakdown by Specialties:
✔️ Medicine: 204
✔️ Eye: 249
✔️ENT: 116
✔️Gyne: 51
✔️Dental: 88
✔️Ortho: 161
✔️Total OPD Attendees: 869
✔️Surgeries Conducted: 21 (9 major, 12 minor)

Our hashtagdedicated teams from Jalandhar & Patiala, along with the invaluable support of Faculty & Students of ACN-Akal College of Nursing, Eternal University Baru Sahib, were instrumental in the success of this camp.
Beyond medical and surgical care, patients received free medicines, accommodation, and nourishing meals.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the entire team of Akal College of Nursing community – volunteers, staff, management, and students. Your dedication and determination have enriched countless lives, showcasing the essence of seva and hashtagcompassion.

Together, we're truly making a difference in the lives of those in need.
Thank you to all who contributed to this meaningful endeavor!

Join us in our mission to serve the community! Your time and skills are invaluable contributions that can make a meaningful impact without any donation required. Together, let's continue spreading compassion and healing to those in need.

Medical and Surgical Camp

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