Free Health Checkup and Medical Camp

Free Health Checkup, Consultation and Medical Treatment

Free Health Checkup and Medical Camp

As a part of Eternal University Sustainable Development outreach Activities SDG Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being Akal College of Health and Allied Sciences celebrated World Health Day 2022 “Our Planet, Our Health” on 1st April to 6th April 2022.


Amid the ongoing pandemic and pollution growing on the planet, diseases like cancer, asthma, and heart diseases are increasing rapidly. World Health Organization aims to focus global attention on the urgent actions needed to “keep humans and the planet healthy.”


  • Raise awareness about our “Planet and Health”

  • Encourage systematic screening of all School Children to Elderly.

  • Encourage preventive behaviours.

  • Educate and create awareness among all Adolescents, Adults, Elderly people about their key role in detecting and reducing the risk of any Diseases and illness, particularly in high risk populations.


Tentative date

Proposed Activity

Proposed area

09.00 am-

01.00 pm


School Health Program

  • Health Assessment 
  • Sexual reproductive awareness program for adolescent girls
  • Health Education

Govt. Sec. School


09.00a m-

5.00 pm




Medical Camp 

  • BP Monitoring 
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Hemoglobin 
  • BMI Checking
  • Mobile Exhibition with propaganda 
  • Pamphlet distribution
  • Mass Awareness Program
  1. Bagroti
  2. Neri Nawan
  3. Chunar
  4. Jabiyana
  5. Macher
  6. Lana Mue
  7. Riwalda
  8. Bonglikech

10am – 11am



Eternal University Auditorium 



Bongalikech Government Senior Secondary School

On 01/04/2022 School Health program was organized at Bongalikech Government Senior Secondary School. B.Sc.(N) 3rd Year and 1st Year students were involved in the program. During the Program General Health Check-up and sensitized about Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health Program, Personal Hygiene and Sanitation.


At the end of the school health program students are able to:

  • 1. Observe the infrastructure and health practice adopted by the model school.

  • 2. Conducting the health checkup

  • 3. Identifying the common health problem in school children.

  • 4. To provide awareness to students regarding the management of these problems.

  • 5. Gather data, analyze and interpret the findings in term of knowledge , practices regarding health in school.

  • 6. Appreciate working together as a team.

After conducting health checkup we found that out of the total population of students i.e 89 none were having any serious health complication while a moderate number of children had common health issue. Mass Health Education Program was conducted for students based on the health problems identified through Health Checkup and Observation of the School.

DAY 2 to DAY 4 – HEALTH CAMP On 04th to 6th April 2022

Health Camp was organized at 7 adopted Villages of Department of Community health Nursing, Akal College of Nursing, Eternal University such as Bagroti, Neri Naean, Chunnar, Jabiyana, Macheer, BongliKech, Lana Mue and Riwadla.

B.Sc.(N) 3rd Year and 1st Year students were involved in the program. During the Program General Health Check-up the following was carried out by the students under the guidance of faculty:-

  • BP Monitoring
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Haemoglobin estimation
  • BMI Checking
  • Mobile Exhibition with propaganda
  • Pamphlet distribution
  • Mass Awareness Program


The program was much appreciated by everyone who witnessed the event and it was effective, doubts raised by the public were cleared. We got feedback from the public that the programme was good and more informative and created awareness.  We take this opportunity to thank Kalgidhar Trust for their support towards this Programme.


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