M.Sc. Agriculture Soil Science

Course Overview

Himachal Pradesh has a lot of potential in crop production. Soil Science provides an understanding of how soil properties relate to and can be managed for optimal Agricultural production, Horticultural production and forest. Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry analysis the soil properties and provides soil testing report to the farmers for better crop production and reduce the cost of cultivation by using the balance dose of fertilizers, So that it will enhance the income of the farmers. As in present scenario soil health is deteriorating day by day, by the soil analysis we can make the farmers aware about the optimal usage of the fertilizers. Based on the soil study we can recommend the farmers about the various cropping system which is feasible for that particular area. The role of a Soil Scientist is highly desirable in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forest, Water Rehabilitation Projects, Watershed Technician, Hydrologist, Soil Conservation Officer, Environmental Technician, Soil and Fertiliser Testing Laboratories, Soil Productivity, Wetland Specialist and Landscape Development.

M.Sc. Agriculture Soil Science


2 years




B.Sc. Agriculture/Horticulture or B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture/Horticulture with minimum 50% marks from a recognized university.

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