Research Publications

The Pillars of Research

The research philosophy at Eternal University, Baru Sahib rests on following key verticals

  • Research on Himalayan biodiversity and its applications in various aspects for agricultural, health and environmental sustainability
  • To enhance the music facilities in classical, instrumental and spiritual
  • Excellent analytical and quality control laboratory for emerging food industry entrepreneurs in Himachal Pradesh and other northern Indian states
  • High Altitude Microbial Cultural Collection Centre for gene pool availability for number of applications.
  • Interaction with farmers of Sirmour for their agricultural problems and solutions with relevant training programs
  • Monitoring and awareness among the rural women of the area for hygiene and other clinical problems

The Pillars of Research

Eternal University is built around the foundation of effective research and innovative capabilities. It has achieved tremendous success in the field of crop improvement, food processing, renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, nanotechnology, microbial biotechnology, herbal products and drugs from medicinal plants

Biofortified crops

Our researchers have developed a number of functional food crops including barley, oats, buckwheat, pearl millet, finger millet, amaranthus, foxtail millet, kunitz inhibitor null soybean, sweet sorghum; quality protein maize, maize with beta carotene and anthocyanins through DBT funded grants. Fruits and vegetables cafeteria also include six-green houses for all weather research.

Biofertilizers and Biopesticides:

The faculty of Biotechnology and Microbiology have developed Biofertilizers i.e. NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphrus and Potassium) microbial consortium. This NPK microbial consortium initially saves 50% of chemical fertilizers. Collaborate in research and development of biopesticides based on the formulations of insecticidal crystal protein of Bacillus thuringiensis is in advanced stage

Biodegradable CE@MOF nanohybrid thin film packaging material:

Microbial contamination is a prominent reason for decreasing shelf-life of fruits/vegetables and increasing the risk of foodborne illness. Faculty has developed eco-friendly biodegradable CE@MOF nanohybrid thin film packaging material for Fruits & Vegetables storage.

Drugs from Medicinal plants:

Eternal University has established a Botanical cum Herbal Garden in which several medicinal plants are grown and maintained. Faculties of Botany Department are actively involved in purification and characterization of plant secondary metabolites from these medicinal plants for the development of new drugs for the treatment of various diseases

Food Testing:

Eternal University has established three state of the art laboratories (Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food instrumentation and Quality Control and Food Microbiology) and Five Pilot Plants facilities (Extrusion unit, Bakery unit, Fruit & Vegetable Processing unit, Packaging unit and Retort pouching unit) equipped with sophisticated modern instruments for advanced analytical and research facilities

Agro-meteorology & Climate Change

Eternal University, Baru Sahib, has developed an Agro-meteorology and Climate Change station. This station will help to know about farming system practices and resource management for sustained agricultural production.

Benchmarks in Academic Publications

Eternal University has an h-Index of >88 with 37249 Google citations