Akal Food Safety and Quality Control Laboratory

The Department of Food Technology has got one project sanctioned worth Rs. 338.95 Lakh for establishment of Akal Food Safety and Quality Control Laboratory with latest and sophisticated equipment such as GCMS/MS, ICP-OES LCMS, Amino Acid Analyzer, HPLC, FTIR, DSC, Spectrophotometer, Chromameter and Refractometer. This laboratory will help to establish a surveillance system for monitoring the quality and composition of food to ensure compliance of International standards on food products. It will be helpful in providing technical consultancy to the emerging food industry entrepreneurs in Himachal Pradesh as well as other states so as to increase employment and uplifting the economic status of rural section of society. It will also help in improving the research facilities and will make the students exposed to these sophisticated equipment even at undergraduate level. The major thrust area for research in Department of Food Technology is utilization and characterization of underutilized but highly nutritious cereals, millets and pseudo-cereals for value addition and development of balanced functional foods for different age groups.

Approval Letter
MOU between Society and University
MOU between Society in association with University and Jivo Wellness