M.Sc. Ag. Agriculture Extension

The Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication at Eternal University, established in 2022, is a dynamic hub of knowledge and innovation in the field of agriculture. Dedicated to bridging the gap between agricultural research and rural communities, our department is committed to empowering students with the latest advancements, techniques, and best practices in agriculture. The objective of teaching students within the discipline of Agricultural Extension is to cultivate a skilled workforce poised to assist the farming community in augmenting agricultural production while fostering a receptive attitude towards innovations and technologies. Moreover, the curriculum emphasizes the significance of ethical considerations, sustainability principles, and on-going professional development to ensure graduates are well-prepared to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in agricultural extension. Presently Department offers post-graduate programme in Agriculture Extension. Discover your potential, make a difference, and embark on a rewarding academic journey with us at the Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication, Eternal University. Enroll now and be a part of the solution!" Vision: Our department aspires to achieve recognition as a premier centre of excellence in both teaching and research. Our dedicated faculty members are committed to delivering high-quality education to our students, empowering them to excel as future professionals and scholars. We aim to disseminate knowledge through various means such as leaflets, folders, and training programs, including strengthening initiatives through NGOs, Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) and engaging self-help groups in extension education. Mandates:

  • Imparting fundamental and advanced knowledge of extension education to our students.
  • Promoting innovation and technology adoption in extension practices to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Evaluating and disseminating research findings to ensure their practical application. Demonstrating the efficacy of research findings through practical implementation.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary approaches and cross-sectoral cooperation to address complex challenges in rural development and community empowerment.
  • Providing on-going education and training to extension personnel from various developmental departments, NGOs, and input agencies.
  • Collaborating with other departments and agencies to design and execute joint programs efficiently.
  • Engaging with local communities to identify their needs and co-create sustainable solutions through participatory approaches.
  • Advocating for policy changes and reforms based on evidence-based research to support rural development and social upliftment.
Future opportunities after completing the course M.Sc (Ag.) Agriculture Extension
  • Candidate will be ready for holding the various posts of Teaching Associate, Assistant Professor, Subject Matter Specialist, JRF, SRF, Young Professional I & II in government and Semi-Government Colleges/ Universities/ NGOs in India and Abroad.
  • This course opens the various placement doors for the candidate in the field of Research & Development like research analyst, Observer etc.
  • Eligibility for the Ph.D Programme/ PDF research and other opportunities in ICAR & Abroad.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission

B.Sc. Agriculture/Horticulture or B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture with minimum 50% marks from a recognized university.

Number of Available seats : 02

Dr. Mohit Kumar, Assistant Professor (Senior Scale), Email id :- hod.agriculturalcommunication@eternaluniversity.edu.in, Contact: - 09456635739

Name and contact detail of course/Department Admission Coordinator/s

Dr. Mohit Kumar, Assistant Professor (Senior Scale), Email id :- drmohitaec@eternaluniversity.edu.in, Contact: - 09456635739

Thrust Area:- Technology Adoption and Innovation Diffusion, Programme Planning, knowledge Adoption extent, Agricultural Extension, Communication and capacity building

Dr. Mohit Kumar
M.Sc (Ag.), Ph.D. (Ag.), ICAR NET

Teaching/ Research Experience- 5.2 Years Area of Specialization- Agricultural Extension

  • Bharat Harit Kranti Award in 21 Days National Training Cum Workshop Program on Award Green Revolution: A Journey from Mexico to Bharat, held on 24th September-14th October, 2023.
  • Best Young Faculty Award Appreciated by Novel Research academy, Puducherry on 30.06.2021
  • Appreciation certificate for Annual Sports meet-2022 at Eternal University, Baru Sahib (HP)
  • Appreciation certificate for Kisan Mela-2022, 2023 at Eternal University, Baru Sahib (HP)
  • Appreciation Certificate for National Science Day -2022 at Eternal University, Baru Sahib (HP)
  • Appreciation Certificate for EU Adventure club activities -2023 at Eternal University, Baru Sahib (HP)

Achievers details

Under the Mentorship
  • Priyank Sagar (BS18BSAG049) - Presently studying in M. Sc. Seed Technology at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Bihar.
  • Ms. Sakshi Pundir (BS18BSAG056) - Presently studying M. Sc (Ag.) Extension Education at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Bihar.
  • Ritika (BS18BSAG053) - Presently studying M. Sc (Ag.) Agronomy at Eternal University, Baru Sahib (HP)
  • Shakshita Sandhu (BS18BSAG058) - Presently studying M.Sc Horticulture(Floriculture and Landscape Architecture) at Eternal University, Baru Sahib (HP)
  • Shilpa Parmar (BS18BSAG058) - Presently studying M.Sc Horticulture(Floriculture and Landscape Architecture) at Eternal University, Baru Sahib (HP)

No specializations found for this course specialization.


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