M.Sc. Agronomy

Course Overview

Agronomy is the major stream of agriculture science that mainly focused on increasing feed, food and fodder production through efficient field management. Eternal University, Baru Sahib is offering a post graduate programme, M.Sc. Agronomy with a curriculum of four semesters. During each semester, students have separate sets of theoretical sessions as well as practical subjects along with research activities. The course curriculum provides concepts of science to improve agricultural production and profitability with focuses on farm management aspects. The course is designed to offer training to eligible candidates on the ways to improve agricultural productivity, and hence food security, and thus assist societies with the ability to streamline more efficient food production methodologies. With an increase in the need of new ways for improving sustainable agricultural practices, the discipline is fast gaining popularity in the country, in both government and private sectors.


M.Sc. Agronomy


2 Years




B.Sc. Agriculture/ Horticulture or B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture/ Horticulture with minimum 50% marks from a recognized university.

Career Opportunities

Agronomy is the mainstream of agriculture which deals with the cultivation of field crops, fodder crops etc. It is an extremely diversified field with nearly unlimited career opportunities in a variety of job settings

  • State and Central Universities and Research Centres (Teaching, Research and Extension)
  • Agriculture Departments
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Farming
  • Irrigation Department
  • Health farms
  • Export industry
  • Food Corporation
  • Seed Certification Agencies
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