University Corporate Resource Centre Eternal University


To ignite career dreams of younger generation being groomed in the university through a structured intervention in the form of a scientifically develop “PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM” incorporating career guidance, social sensitivity issues & latest corporate practices by an appropriate mix of different pedagogies.


UCRC at EU operates at two levels:

  • At the strategic level – For the university as a whole all Inclusive
  • College / Department Level: to facilitate the functioning Of this important division at the college through intense discussion and brain storming with few selected members as committee members

The combine objectives for both the levels are as follows:

To make EU the preferred choice of the prospective employers while inculcating contemporary knowledge through appropriate mix of theoretical and practical exposure using latest teaching pedagogies and through other means to make the impact of UCRC visible and value added To make UCRC proactive while developing, implementing and monitoring appropriate strategies both general and specific for the different colleges and for different verticals of UCRC


University Level: The University Corporate Resource Centre has been created with following role in mind

  • Advisory and Supervisory role for the university as a whole for different Colleges / Departments in some of the critical areas of corporate Outreach
  • Role as a central information hub to generate, update and maintain operational and strategic information
  • As a strategist and facilitator for internalization of UCRC activities both at University and respective College / Department level
  • As a brand creator and awareness facilitator (EU Brand) among the stake holders, especially in corporates, relevant govt depts.



At university, we have the following verticals in practice with flexibility in our approach to accommodate other activities as and when necessary visa -a- vis changes in external environment.

S.No. Description

1) Industry Academia Meets

In general the approach consists of collaborating with industry associations of the region concerned to get maximum participation and exposure besides individual follow up to create maximum awareness about the University and to leverage out the networked so developed for Different verticals of the UCRC division and thus for the university as a whole.

2) Guest Lectures

Normal Guest Lecture: Inviting Sr. Corporates using personal contacts or through professional approach to visit campus.

Distinguish Guest Lecture Series: Exploring all possible sources to bring people of eminence from different strata of society for exchanging views on contemporary issues of relevance for the benefit of faculty and students.

Academic Oriented Guest Lectures: Inviting Professors and Corporate dignitaries of repute for giving practical exposures of any important aspects of curriculum as necessary or to discuss latest trends in any particular academic stream.

3) Central Information HubInteraction, coordination & information through structured formats, information from minutes of the meeting.

  • Coordinating with Director/ Principals & Respective CRC members
  • Structured data generation in different areas of CRC
  • Unstructured data as and when necessaryl

4) Networking & Resource SharingInteraction with Industry Associations (CII, FICCI, AIMA, PHD Chamber of Commerce, ASSOCHAM)

5) Creating Centre of Excellence

  • Interaction with relevant organizations viz. Govt. Private Sector, Public Sector including NGOs for creating centre of excellence in relevant area
  • Creating corporate sponsored chair professor in any area of contemporary higher education including School of Management

6) Corporate Advisory Body formation (PROPOSED)

  • To keep abreast of latest corporate practices and analysis of their impact in academia and also to strengthen corporate interface for better placement, admissions and value addition to the society in general (In Process)
  • Inducting Corporates in BOS/ Faculty Council etc

7) Both Advisory & Active Role to undertake some specific assignments as & when needs arises and capable of handling it

8) Training/ Grooming

  • Employability related training(GD, PI, Resume Writing, Career Planning related advices through common lecture)
  • Some specific lectures by D- UCRC on Employability issues having paramount significance for our students for ex. social sensitivity in the areas political, legal, cultural, general human relations, present corporate realities, globalization and challenges, scientific outlook etc.
  • At least 40 hours grooming compact programmee (outsourced) need to be carried out for covering some of the important areas of grooming.
  • Keeping necessary record pertaining to all important areas as mentioned above

9) Summer Internship Programs Plays proactive role in providing quality summer internship, thus becomes instrumental in enhancing pre-placement offer and for better corporate interface

10) MDP & Consultancy Brand promotion and revenue generation for further re- investment and value addition to the corporates through these very two important activities

11) Campus Placement(Advisory) Policy Formulation: Policies are general guidelines to develop an appropriate “Action Plan”

Relevant data generation, updation & new data generation:

  • Professional visit, personal contacts, newspaper data, past data, Academia Meet data, Internet based data, data from social networking (Job sites)
  • Data base of companies for training and placement of students
  • Contacting HR heads for recruitment drive in Colleges/ Departments.

Placement Brochures:

  • Placement Brochure preparation (advising & guiding)
  • Effective design and inside from expert advice, placement brochure of reputed B- Schools and universities through internet and personal contacts

Placement Action Plan preparation that includes marketing strategy: Advising individual Colleges/ Dept. in preparing a time bound action plan (central focal point) to be followed for better campus placement outcome through the proper coordination with Training & Placement Office

Faculty Development Program

  • Learning is a continuous process and it attains even more pivotal role in today’s global context where education has also been subjected to competition.
  • Learning life cycle has been reduced to its minimum and it demands constant upgradation of knowledge. This include;
  • Technical (subject knowledge)
  • Behavioral (skill related and teaching pedagogies)
  • Social (contemporary social awareness)
  • And we have well developed relevant developmental initiatives for our faculty in all the three areas

13) Corporate Mentorship This helps in getting practical exposure of actual working of an industrial enterprise which ultimately helps in assimilation of knowledge and finally in choosing a right career. The mentorship also helps in grooming students in relevant areas.

14) Academic Alliances A very important domain of corporate-interface which has a paramount significance for any institution engaged into HIGHER EDUCATION for future survival and growth in terms value addition in areas of employability, content updation in academic areas and new course development as per need of the corporate AS A KIND OF PROACTIVE MESEAURES.

15) Seminar & conferencesInstrumental in organizing national & if possible international level conferences/ seminars for better visibility and to remain competitive both in micro & macro aspects. This is one area where students get maximum exposure in areas of relevance in any particular domain to remain up-to-date. Interaction with senior corporate people also helps in better understanding of actual industrial reality and to prepare accordingly for final placement

16) R & D DOMAINS UCRC plays an important role as facilitator towards research and development while interacting with sr faculty of relevance of different colleges to find our potential areas of R&D FOR THE UNIVERSITY AS A WHOLE. It is strongly recommended to have one very sr person as DEAN- R&D for the university as a whole, followed by a committee formation to handle one of the utmost activity called as R &D.

17) CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS PURE ACADEMIC In syllabus updating while made available industry and other relevant people from corporates and social development organizations

Helping PROVC office in specific areas as mutually discussed and also having necessary competence to do the same

Giving relevant inputs to different committees of the university to make its decision / resolution making more pragmatic and value added including Academic Council, Board of Management & Governing Council