Ph.D. English

Course Overview

The degree of PhD in English Literature can open a wide range of career opportunity for aspiring students. Ph. D. in English is indeed a very dedicated course that requires lots of hard work as well as determination. The course demands highly sophisticated research work in any of literature as well as Archaeological work Thereby increasing one’s mind in a broader way and also leading to the writing of various thesis as well as journals that would directly be implemented towards shaping the career of the individual. The course of Ph. D. in English is thus filled up with lots of opportunities as well as hardship. But the importance of the same cannot be ignored. It offers great opportunities in different newspaper, in the magazines house and in the Marketing analysis also. Following are some of the Top Career Paths for English Ph.Ds.


Ph.D. English


3 Years




M.A. English with 55% Marks and 50% marks in Eternal University Entrance Test.

Career Opportunities

  • Higher Education Administrator or Professors: Professional jobs at universities and colleges benefit greatly from the skills and specialised knowledge of PhDs in English.
  • Financial Analyst: Research skills, project management and highly curated quantitative skills are valued greatly by finance companies large and small, in areas such as banking, hedge funds, and private trade groups.
  • Government Policy Advisor: As a Ph.D. in English, you have in-depth knowledge of particular cultures, languages, or even historical events that can make you a valuable asset to government agencies and bureaus, who need candidates with your skills to inform how to approach sensitive issues, write effective policy, and create social change in their areas of focus.
  • Industry Researcher: To be a successful professional researcher in industry, you must have strong qualitative and quantitative research experience, strong communication skills, and an ability to work with large amounts of data and information — all of which you already possess.
  • Technical Writer: Technical writers are responsible for producing communication documents such as instruction manuals, journal articles, how-to guides and technical reports. Many employers hiring for communications roles are looking for candidates who can work in a fast-paced environment, and can hit the ground running from day one.
  • Consulting: Consulting also gives Ph.Ds the opportunity to travel and, although it may require a demanding schedule, consultants are well-paid and one can see the fruit of his/her labour quickly, as opposed to the monotony of academic research.
  • International Development: A deep understanding of cultural nuances, history, and languages gives you an opportunity to contribute to social change and forge a career helping the world to move forward.
  • Academic Publishing: Academic publishers print and distribute content in books, journals, and theses formats in a wide range of fields. Most recently, academic publishing house Elsevier boasted an annual revenue of $25.2 billion, a higher percentage than Apple Inc.
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